Words of gratitude

What do our patients say? The words of happy families with a dream come true!

I would like to express my gratitude to you for this, as you create! Ever since our first visit, the two of us have been feeling with my husband that we are in the gypsy world, in the path of xopa-professionals, who know each other. The whole process around ICSI was extremely professionally followed and there were no side effects from the stimulation. With a transferable blastocyst, that's what I'm writing about these words of gratitude and gratitude with a little embryo in the 3rd month and tears in my eyes. I hope that everything will end well and I wish only positive emotions to the whole team - Dr. Vladimirov and Dr. Belcheva for this, that they gave us the long-awaited happiness, midwives Dariya Datseva, Miroslava Mladenova, as well as another жеръ кинд нурсе, whose name I do not know, for the right attitude and positive вордс, the coordinators Neli Petkova and Svetlozara Zhelyazkova for the kind service, Anesthesiologist for safe and trouble-free waking up from anestesy and not in the last place to the embryologists, because they were looking after a few babies. Be healthy and continue to give hope to thousands more couples. With love and recognition.

Kalchev family

Smile - first one, then two ... Happiness has many colors, but you gave us not only a purpose for tomorrow, you gave us a future. And now for us there is a tomorrow, there is a sun, there is love, we have the most precious thing - THE CHILDREN !!! Thank you for every moment of happiness, which you bring with your hard work.Thank you for the loud "mom" and "dad", which we hear and dreamt about! With gratitude to Dr. Tacheva and Dr. Vladimirov and the whole team of Invitro Clinic Sofia - you are the people who made our dream come true!

With appreciation and love from Maria, Philip, Kalina, Dimitar - Vezarov family

Dr. Vladimirov, thank you for the happiness that entered our home, with your help! May your work and hands be blessed!

Svetla and Geo Georgievi

We wish you health and countless days full of happiness. You are the man, who gave us our baby. God bles you. Thankful that the fate brought us together with such a bright soul like yours. Thank you!

Baby Petar, Gaytandjiev family, Kazanlak

Dr. Vladimirov, thanks to you we have two treasures in the real word. Thank you from my whole existence! We wish you health and success in your professional field and continue fighting for the dreams of future parents.

Plamena and Dimitar Kolevi, Burgas

Thank you Dr. Vladimirov and Dr. Tacheva for making our dreams come true!

With respect, Svetlana, Evgeny and Stiliyan Krumovi

Thank you to the whole team. You made us very happy. You made our dream comme true. We hope you continue to make more families happy and we wish success for the clinic!!!

Gugushev family

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Vladimirov and my team for helping us to get two good sons! Be healthy!

Vesela Kapkova-Dimitrova

A big thank you to Dr. Vladimirov and his whole team, for helping us make our dream come true. Wishing yoou to continue to be just as brilliant in their mission!

Tsvetelina and Bojidar Dimitrovi, Plovdiv

A big thank you for making us truly happy!

Gabby and Joro, Sofia

Dear Dr. Vladimirov and Dr. Tacheva, Be healthy and blessed in the right way, to which you are dedicated! With gratitude for the child's voice we hear at home.

Stefka and Plamen Dodovi, Sofia

"A person's life is not measured by the number of breaths he takes, but by the moments which stopped his breath. Our breaths stop every single day while we watch our children sleep."

Sashko and Milena

"Once again we want to thank the team of the clinic for their care, responsiveness, professionalism and positive energy! Continue to make people's dreams come true."

Teodora Dimitrova

Dr. Vladimirov, your hard work births something special and I don't have the words to describe my gratitude for you and your team.

Darina and Ivan Nikolovi, Silistra

Our son is here and he is the reason for our happiness, because of your professionalism, faith and humanity. I cannot find the words to describe our gratitude towrds you. Not only you givted us with a child, but you always greeted us with a smile and gave us courage when we started losing hope. I am never going to forget the happiness I saw in everyone in the team when I got pregnant.

Baby Bojidar, mom Denitsa and dad Blagoslav

Continue to give a lot of smiles to many families, help them give birth to healthy and happy children, because they are our future, our support and pride! Because there is no happier moment for any family than the birth of a child. You have the blessed and difficult mission of giving life and giving back hope. We express our devotion and gratitude for self-fulfillment, with which we perform our official duties around the clock. We wish you health, personal happiness and professional success in your highly responsible life-giving profession.

Denislav Kirov, Dilyana Kirova and baby Stanislav

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the happiness you gave us! We wish you good health and professional success!

Dimov family

We wish Dr. Bladimipov and the whole team to be healthy, all so sincere and unscrupulous professionals and to be able to be safe and secure!

Miroslava, Veselin and Niki Hadjistoyanov

Dear Dr. Vladimirov, accept our sincere gratitude for the fact that you brought smiles to our faces with your great humanity and professionalism. Our happiness is boundless and this is because of you and your team, who brought back the faith, happiness and dreams of people like us. We wish you and the team health, longevity and many more dreams come true. Be blessed! With respect and appreciation!

Baby Kiril, Elena Gavaliyugova and Kiril Krustev

It is not enough to say "Thank you", it is not enough to pay respect to your professionalism and most of all to your humanity. You made our dream come true and made our live meaningful! You gave us our cute Sofi! We wish the whole team to be healthy and happy, all so good and positive and never to stop making your dreams come true! Thank you for being there and for the fact that we met you! We wish you a lot of success and more sunshine!

Hugs from little Sofi, mom Iliana and dad Nikolai

Dr. Vladimirov, you made our dream come true and we will be infinitely grateful to you. You, besides being a professional, are a great man! We wish you many more happy, professional and personal successes! Be healthy, loved and very happy! People like you make our dreams come true and give us love, warmth and joy! Thank you, Dr. Tacheva, for giving us all this to our family as well! Without your hardl work, there would not be such happiness for the people like us! Thank you!

Bojinov family

Dear Dr. Vladimirov, I am still very young and I cannot speak, but if I could, I would like to thank you from all my heart that I exist! I wish you and the whole team a lot of health, happiness, and prosperity!

Beloslava Krasimirova Hristova

Dr. Vladimipov, thanks to you and to your entire team for giving us peace of mind and confidence and helping us with your professionalism.

Denitsa, Galin and Alek Vasilevi

Dr. Vladimirov, we would like to give you the most expensive gift, but it is not enough. There is no enough words in the world, with which to express all our love and gratitude for our dreams come true! For this we will gather them in one word: "THANK YOU"!

Milanov family

Be healthy, all so radiant and giving hope and hope to the interpretations of many young Bulgarian families. The team is amazing not only with its professionalism, but also with the humanity with which it relates to every person who has come to your clinic.

Greetings from the Kraytchev family!

We would like to express our great gratitude to Dr. Vladimirov, Dr. Belcheva, Dr. Krumov (who was part of the team that performed the C-section) and the whole team of the clinic, with whom we made our dream come true! Thank you for these wonderful creations! Thank you for putting smiles on our faces!

Filip, Lora, Daniela and Kristiyan

We would like to thank Dr. Vladimirov and his entire team for making our biggest dream come true - our twins - Lily and Alexander. Despite the sleepless nights and our constant worries about them, there are not happier parents than us :). We have been fighting for these children for 7 years and in the end we trusted your team. Our first attempt was successful. One huge "Thanks" to Dr. Vladimirov! Keep making many more dreams come true! Greetings!

Elitsa Prokopova and Tchavdar Kovatchev

We thank the whole team of Dr. Vladimirov for the restored hope!

From baby Milen, mom Sylvia and dad Nikolai!

THANK YOU every day, THANK YOU from all our heart to Dr. Vladimirov, Dr. Tacheva and the whole team of "Sofia" Hospital, that our dream came true! Be healthy, happy and blessed for your work and continue to make dreams come true!

baby Rada, Rumyana and Emil Izatovski

Hello Dr. Vladimirov, Dr. Tacheva and the whole team of Invitro Clinic "'Sofia''. This little miracle we are holding right now is thanks to your professionalism, faith and optimism, that we are going to overcome everything. We can never express our gratitude enough to all of you, beacuse our home is filled with smiles and child's cry. You are a part of our family. We believe that because of your love and passion, many more homes will be filled with sunshine. THANK YOU!

mother Petya, father Stoyan and baby Ava

We would like to express our great gratitude to Dr. Bladimipov and the whole team of the clinic, without which our dream would not have come true. Be alive and healthy and keep up the good work on the couples with problems!

Baby Teodore, Martina and Dimitar

Our little treasure Kristiyan is born and made holidays even more special. He is our Christmas wonder, which would not have happended without your help. Big thank you to Dr. Vladimirov and the whole team of Invitro Clinic ''Sofia''. You gifted us happiness.We wish you health and stregth, success, warmth, days of joy, smiles, dreams come true!

Kristiyan, Trayana and Borislav

Our daughter Darina was born. We are extremely grateful that you helped us to create life. After 2 unsuccessful inseminations, we performed invitro / ICSI with a transfer of 2 blastocysts. Ogpomna beshe padoctta, ĸogato vidyaxme napactvaneto na CHXG, ppeĸpacno beshe izzhivyavaneto na na bpemennoctta in ppodalzhenie 9 mecetsa, no nyama nishto ĸoeto mozhe ea ce cpavni c shtactieto, ĸoeto izpitaxme when tool productive species na malĸoto cashtectvo, ĸoeto ocmicli zhivota us! We would like to thank Dr. Vladimirov, Dr. Tacheva and the whole team, who made it possible! Be alive and healthy, to help many other families to make their dreams come true!

Нели Гюмова и Тинчо Брандиски

With great gratitude to Dr. Vladimirov and my whole team! Thank you for remembering your heart and devotion to each patient! With love and gratitude to you!

Ludmil, Eliza, Emma and Metodi

Great gratitude and a bow to the whole team of Dr. Vladimirov, who will make our dream come true! Special thanks to everyone who cares for us with such attention, professionalism and human attitude. Be just so devoted and give life and happiness!

Baby Beloslava, Nadezhda and Trifon

Huge thanks to Dr. Vladimirov, Dr. Belcheva and the whole team of Invitro Clinic "Sofia"! In this world, everyone is waiting for their miracle. Your professionalism, justice and humanity have helped us to go through this difficult path to happiness. And that's what Bogdan is called and it's the most important thing that happened to us! We thank you for the warmth and joy that fills our home!

Nora and Milen Hvarchilkovi