Радостина Славчева
Радостина Славчева

Radostina Slavcheva


Radostina Slavcheva was born on January 6, 1987.
In 2006 she has completed a secondary education in PGEHT „Prof. Asen Zlatarov ”, Pleven. In 2010 she graduates from Medical University Pleven with a Bacheelor’s degree in ”Nursing”. In 2015 she got a Master’s degree in ”Public Health and Health Managemenet” at Medical University Sofia.
In the period from 2010 to 2014 she worked as a nurse in the Department of Non-Invasive Diagnostics in Cardiology, University Hospital “Dr. Stranski” – Pleven and in January 2015 she became part of the team of ‘Invitro Clinic ”Sofia”.
Radostina is married with one child. In her free time, Radostina likes to dance and to spend time in nature.

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