д-р Любомир Младенов
д-р Любомир Младенов

Dr. Lyudmil Mladenov


Dr. Mladenov was born on September 10, 1969. He graduated from the Medical University in Pleven in 1995. He gets a degree in anesthesiology and intensive care in 2002. He has specializations in neuroflexotherapy, anesthesia in gynecology and gynecology, and health management.

During the period 1996-2012 he worked as an anesthesiologist in the intensive care unit of MBAL “Sveta Petka” in Vidin. Since 2012 he has been an anesthesiologist in the Operations Unit – Traumatology at the UMBALSM ”Pirogov” in Sofia.

Dr. Mladenov is a family man and has two children. He spends his free time in nature.

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