Our misson

Specialized hospital for active treatment in gynecology, sexual health is created to provide the highest level of professionalism in the field of modern reproduction technologies in diagnostics and treatment of infertility. Our goal is to offer you discreet and comfortable conditions, as well as an individual approach to the treatment, using the most modern methods in the field.

It is clear for us that working in the field of reproductive medicine is not only a privilege, but also a great responsibility. Responsibility to our patients, to the deeply humane profession to which we are dedicated, responsibility to our families. Every day – doctors, embryologists, nurses, the whole team of Invitro Clinic ”SOFIA”  are proving that we are professionally prepared and active in our work. In order to continue to maintain this, we do not stop trying to learn, to be interested, to become more qualified. Our profession is a symbol not only of development and prosperity, but most of all hope, love and gratitude for the family. We serve life and create life. 

In our Invitro Clinic ”SOFIA” we perform all necessary tests and research, which significantly reduces the waste of time and boosts the success of treatment. Our mission is related to the promotion of high ethical standards, the best quality in the field of assisted technologies and professionalism.

We believe  that everyone deserves a child. We are waiting for you in Invitro Clinic “SOFIA” to find the easiest way leading to your dream together – the birth of your child!

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