Words of Gratitude

Kalchevi family I want to give you my blessings for what you gave us! From our first visit, me and my husband felt like we're in the right hands, hands of proffesionalists knowing what they are doing. The whole process of the other ICSI was extreamly proffesional and there were no side effects of the stimulation. With a single transient blastocytosis, now I write whit gratitude and findings with a small embryo at 3 months and tears in the eyes. Love and recognition ! With the knowledge and love of Maria, Philip, Kalina, Dimitur - Vezarovi Family Embarrassment is just one, even more, two .... But we have many nuances, but we will not tell you, but we will not be. And the bar for our name and ytpe, name and sun, name and love, and a yepopa ymopa, name of the most valuable - OUR CHILDREN !!! Thank You, from all fours, for an instant, this is what You are doing! Xopa for the thousandth happy people! For the happy tears of our loved ones, for the usual "Mom" and "Dad" in a twin, for our dream is long!You will be healthy in the days ahead and blessed for you, and it is blessed!You will be in our sweethearts with a lot of recognition and love! With gratitude to Dr Tacheva and Dr Bladimipov and the whole team at Cofiya Hospital - our dream come true! Svetla and Georgy - Georgievi Family Dr. Bladimipov, Thank You hor the happines you brought in our home, May your hard work and your pessious hands be blessed! Baby Peter, Gaitandjuevi family , Kazanlyk city Wishing you a happy hour We wish you many happy, happy days. You will be more human, so with your devilish devouring, and God forbid you will be blessed.It would be a good idea if you came to Bac with a special, humorous, humorous and humorous breath. The depth of the field is in front of Bac and this glue, and for this purpose it is good for you, Thank you! Plamena and Dimitar Kolev, Burgas Dr. Bladimipov,Thankto you, we have out two "big" little ones. Thank You so much. We wish you many health, special ycpexes and do not try to dream of "going forward". Sincerely, Svetlana, Evgeni and Stilian Krumovi Thank you Dr. Vladimirov and Dr. Tacheva for fulfilling our dreams! Gushevi Family Thank you for the whole episodes, we are made very happy, our dreams come true. We wanted you to feel more happy about many things, much ycpex but new things and many, many babies !!! Veselka Kapkova-Dimitrova I want to expose thousands of blessings to Dr. Bladimipov and the episodes of help to help us with our two special sons! You will be alive and well! Cvetelina and Bojidar Dimitrovi, Plovdiv With huge thanks to Dr. Bladimipov and his entire team for making our dream come true and wishing them to be even better in their mission to give happiness to everyone! Good luck with you! Gabby and Joro, Sofia Many thanks for making us truly happy!
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