Our Mission

Инвитро клиника София

The Sofia Hospital of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine exists to offer the highest level of professionalism in modern reproductive techniques in diagnosing and treating infertility. Our aim is to provide discrete and comfortable conditions and an individual approach to treatment that uses the latest imaging and assisted reproduction techniques.

Each of us is aware that working in reproductive medicine is not just a privilege, but also an enormous responsibility: to our patients, to the deeply humane vocation to which we have devoted ourselves, to ourselves as people and specialists. Each day we – physicians, embryologists, nurses and all other Sofia Hospital staff strive to prove that we are professionally trained and earnest about our work. To continue being at the leading edge, we never cease learning, being curious, and acquiring additional qualifications. Our vocation is the symbol and measure not only of development and progress, but most of all of human hope, love and gratitude. We serve life and create life.

The Sofia Hospital conducts all necessary testing and examinations in-house, significantly cutting lead times and boosting treatment success. Our mission involves applying high ethical standards, the best quality in assisted techniques, and professionalism in patient care.

We believe that every adult deserves to have children. We expect you at the Sofia Hospital where together we shall find the most direct route to your dream of giving birth!