Sperm bank

Спермална банка

The Sofia Hospital of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine offers a sperm donoring programme. We recruit sperm donors, select them and maintain at all times a donor bank. Selection criteria applied to donor candidates include all aspects of the Law and internal Hospital rules.

Donors ought to:

  • be aged 21 to 40;
  • be physically and mentally sound;
  • have no history of inherited genetic conditions;
  • have normal seminal fluid indicators and good post-thawing sperm indicators;
  • show negative in HIV, Hepatitis В and С and Syphilis tests;
  • show negative in Thalassaemia and Cystic Fibrosis tests;
  • have fewer than five live born children each.

Recipients may select donors according to characteristics they prefer. Donors remain anonymous by law. Information on donors that we cede to recipients includes:

  • blood group;
  • physical features: weight, height, hair colour, eye colour, skin colouration;
  • educational attainments;
  • occupation;
  • interests and hobbies.