Shared risk program

We refund 100% of your money if we fail together - Shared risk program for infertility treatment.

For the first time in Bulgaria In Vitro Clinic Sofia offers a program that guarantees pregnancy and childbirth after applying no more than three in vitro procedures for up to 24 months. If this is not achieved, the clinic will refund 100% of the amount deposited by you, amounting to BGN 12,320. The program can include women up to 38 years and ovarian reserve corresponding to this age. The program excludes cases where it is necessary to apply pre-implantation genetic diagnosis or selection (PGD / PGS) of embryos. The program includes up to 3 stimulated in vitro experiments with aspiration of eggs, fertilization, cultivation and transfer of embryos in the uterine body (ET), as well as subsequent ET using frozen / thawed embryos.

We do not guarantee that all in vitro experiments will be successful. However, our high success rate allows us to make this offer to our current and future patients. If you join the shared risk program, we guarantee that if you do not become pregnant and do not give birth to your own child, the entire amount you paid will be refunded.

The shared risk program of In Vitro Clinic "Sofia" is an ideal solution for patients who seek security during their journey on the thorny path of solving the problem of infertility.

It is known that despite advances in reproductive medicine, IVF treatment still has a significant failure rate. There is no guarantee of successful treatment from the first in vitro procedure and immediate pregnancy. It is well known that the success of treatment is a process with a cumulative effect, which means that it is important to realize that you may fail on the first try. Therefore, from a financial point of view, the treatment of infertility through IVF has an unpredictable result: you have no guarantee whether you will succeed or not. In this case, it is good to have at least one constant that would make the whole process less stressful - this is the specific cost of treatment.

First, you will know exactly how much you will pay so that there are no unpleasant surprises along the way. Second, you will be able to make all the cycles and transfers that the program gives you and if it does not work, you will get all your money back. Therefore, from the very beginning you know what the price will be and you can calculate your budget correctly. And most importantly, you lose nothing and get a 100% recovery if the treatment is not successful. Third, our program offers an individual approach for each patient - sometimes clinics with many patients do not pay attention to the specific needs of each couple. In some cases, this may be the exact reason for failure. Last but not least, the clinic's shared risk program guarantees the quality of treatment.

The program for shared risk of the clinic is implemented after concluding a contract giving the respective guarantees to both parties. Couples who join the program have the obligation to apply the treatment and follow the instructions given to them by our medical team.

The cost of medicines and any additional medical examinations required before the couple joins the IVF shared risk program are not included in the total cost of in vitro treatment. The total amount paid by you includes all costs during IVF procedures, regardless of their amount, for hormonal tests and ultrasound examinations, as well as the entire embryological part of the procedure.


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