Donor programme

Donate a baby’s future!

What is it like to have a child and not be able to have one without medical help? What is it like to reach out to strangers who are waiting for you, looking for and hoping ... to be a mother, a father, a true family? You may never have thought how much they are and what is going on in their injured souls, suffering from waiting for a positive test for days, months and years. Can you imagine how much the longing for your own child is, how much power is needed, how much pain society’s neglect inflicts…

Infertility is a serious problem due to many different diseases, both for men and women, and in 25% of cases - for both partners. For these couples, the desire for childbirth is not just a dream, it is a struggle - daily, hourly and expensive, emotionally burdensome and often ends in failure. About 15% of the childbearing population, or practically every sixth family, faces infertility problems.

The donation of genetic material is a supreme act of empathy and humanism. Donation creates a new life. Donation is the future! It is of value to both the donor and the recipient… Help can change someone’s life – and that is the magic of charity!

When a person decides to become a donor of oocytes or sperm, they decide to show humanity, they decide to help, to give joy to a family. To give the greatest joy, to be a parent. Those who give happiness to others are truly happy!

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