Financing Information

Municipal Financial Aid Programmes

In the last couple of years, more and more Bulgarian municipalities have begun to finance regional programmes with the aim to combat sterility and the demographic crisis by putting aside a part of their annual budgets, in order to help financially with the diagnostics and treatment of reproductive problems of their own citizens.

he stimulus packages, as well as the criteria for being accepted into such financial aid programmes, vary greatly between the different municipalities. Inquire into your own regional government if such a programme exists and if you meet the application criteria.

Center for Assistive Reproduction

The Center for Assistive Reproduction is a specialized structure, connected with the Ministry of Health, which provides financial aid to Bulgarian citizens, in order to carry out assistive reproduction procedures in persons with infertility that is treatable through ART methods (In Vitro Fertilization). The Center has commenced its activities in April 2009. SBALAGRM “Sofia” has signed a contract with the Center.

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