Consulting a Specialist

The chance of conceiving under normal conditions is about 20-25% within one month (one monthly cycle). By the third month after the start of active attempts at achieving pregnancy, approximately 50% of couples become pregnant, while in the next 3 months the chance increases by only 25%. Studies show that there is a 90% chance of becoming pregnant after trying to conceive for one year in a healthy couple of childbearing age. The problematic pregnancy affects about 10-15% of couples in fertile age. One of the classic definitions of infertility is the onset of pregnancy during regular sexual intercourse for one year in women under 35 or six months in women over 35. The lack of conception after this time period is a signal to test both partners and seek specialized medical help. It is important to know that the reason for not conceiving could be caused by either the woman and the man, and very often by both partners.

Signing up for a consultation can be done in one of the following ways:

  • Phone: 0700 18586
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  • online: Record the time
  • on site: 5B, Baku Str, Studentski grad, Sofia (view map)

Initial consultations only Monday through Friday.
We recommend that you bring all your medical records (test results and/or epicrises from the treatment of both partners) with you during the first consultation.

We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time. Register at the central registry located on the first floor. Our medical secretaries will refer you to your doctor's office.

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