Charity campaigns of SBALAGRM “Sofia”

Vitro is not a method. In Vitro is hope that brings happiness. You can see it in the eyes of all the women that have gotten through this hardship. For there is nothing more wonderful than to see your dream come true, sleeping in a small cradle, with all of its defenselessness and innocence.

In the name of the brightest cause – in the name of birthing life, the SBALAGRM “Sofia” team organizes and takes part in various donation activities, including “Think Positive” (3 in vitro procedures free of charge), “How to discuss infertility with my partner” (1 in vitro procedure free of charge), “Have a chance at giving birth” (1 in vitro procedure free of charge), “Hear the Announcement during Annuncation” (4 in vitro procedures free of charge), the yearly “Christmas Wish” of the “Zachatie” Group that gifts countless in vitro procedures, spermograms and diagnostic tests free of charge.

A couple of years in a row now, SBALAGRM “Sofia” organizes the Male Reproductive Health Month “Be brave, test yourself”, providing spermograms free of charge, as well as a Female Reproductive Health Month, during which you can examine your ovarial reserve free of charge, thanks to the programme “Everyone’s biological clock goes forward but for some of us faster…”

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