Bulgaria Facts

Bulgaria facts

Bulgaria is among the countries combining low prices for medical services with experienced medical personnel and has the potential to become a destination of choice for the so-called health tourists.

Reuters quoting an Economist Intelligence Unit report, September 2011

Summary Statistics

Population 7.4 million
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
Total area 110 879 sq km
Climate Moderate continental
Religion Christian Orthodox
Currency Lev (BGN)
Fixed exchange rate €1 = BGN 1.95583
EU Member Since 2007
Established 681
Location Eastern Europe – two to three flight hours from all major European and Middle Eastern cities


Fertility treatment in Bulgaria is attractive to foreign patients due to its competitive prices, short waiting lists, good international flight connections and foreign-language speaking doctors and nurses.

Bulgarian reproductive medicine has developed assisted reproductive techniques for some 30 years. Bulgarian doctors’ and medics’ qualifications are of the very highest standard and have won a deserved world reputation. Today Bulgaria has 30 fertility clinics, of which 26 are private. Average Bulgarian clinic success levels match EU averages. Exceptionally modern equipment meets the highest world standards and allows the latest treatment techniques. At the same time, mean infertility treatment prices are below EU averages and long waits are unknown.

Bulgaria and its capital Sofia offer excellent opportunities to combine IVF procedures with arts, environmental and spa tourism. Bulgaria has excellent geographical, weather and environmental conditions. It is just two to three hours away by air from all large European centres. The unique combination of a sea littoral, mountains and plentiful mineral springs turn Bulgaria into an excellent health promotion centre throughout the year.

The capital city of Sofia boasts an ancient history dating back to the Thracians and Romans, much of it viewable in museums and open air displays around the city centre. The city is at the foothills of Mount Vitosha which is a nature reserve offering clean air, wonderful nature, mountaineering and skiing opportunities close to the city. Sofia has dozens of mineral springs. A lively and modern European city, Sofia offers diverse manners of spending quality leisure time: artistic diversions, culinary experiences, tastings of excellent Bulgarian wines, spa and cosmetic procedures, skiing, golf and other sports, and a dynamic nightlife and entertainment scene. Just a couple of hours from the capital are large ski and spa resorts, the remains of ancient Roman fortifications, monasteries and preserved mediaeval towns.

Patients can combine infertility treatment with other medical procedures. Bulgarian dentists and cosmetic surgeons are renowned as excellently qualified and offer high treatment quality and the latest techniques, methods and materials in dentistry. The relative number of dentists is twice the EU average, while treatment prices are significantly lower.